Vi’s 7-Point Plan

Vi’s 7-Point Plan for a More Equitable Charlotte


Charlotte is a tale of two cities where the opportunities and tremendous growth we’ve seen have not benefitted all. Unfortunately, in many instances, a heavy burden is placed on our most vulnerable residents. We need to do better for a more equitable, just, and fair Queen City. If we truly value all of our people then we must provide opportunities for all Charlotteans to fully participate and flourish here.

I am committed to advancing the following seven proposals, more an Equitable Charlotte:

  1. Build upon a culture of trust, respect, and cooperation between CMPD and Charlotte citizens by creating community advisory groups within each Police response area.
  2. Examine the structure and procedures of the current Citizens Review Board with community members to ensure its purpose and results are building community trust. The analysis should focus on increased visibility of how citizens can become members of the board as well as complaints and board findings. The board must also better reflect the Charlotte citizenry.
  3. Explore requiring contractors that seek to do business with the City of Charlotte “Ban the Box” on employment applications.
  4. Establish a program to promote the hiring of low-income residents in projects funded with public dollars.
  5. Adopt a meaningful apprenticeship program that focuses on training and development for people with multiple barriers to employment, with a focus on a diversion program for adjudicated youth.
  6. Accelerate the Council goal to provide 5,000 units of affordable housing from five years to three years.
  7. Continue the policy to progressively increase the minimum wage for City employees to $15 an hour.

Though these proposals cannot completely close a gap created by decades of inequality, I believe they will give us a good place to start.

I have lived in Charlotte for over 40 years. I raised my son and daughter here, and I am watching one of my granddaughters grow up here. I love this city. To paraphrase James Baldwin, I must take opportunities to criticize and evaluate her – so she may grow. I want your feedback, critique, ingenuity, and ideas. This is the opportunity and challenge presented to us. I believe we can achieve – together. Please use the contact form to email me your interest in helping the city move forward.

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