I believe that the best thing about Charlotte is its people… and together, we can move Charlotte forward…

  • I believe in creating the conditions which will attract companies that provide jobs to those who call Charlotte home.
  • I believe every Charlotte neighborhood should be a community of choice, where the quality of life is high and there are opportunities for growth and prosperity for everyone.
  • I believe every Charlottean should have the opportunity to work and afford to live in our city.
  • I believe every Charlottean should have multiple, affordable transportation options to get to the places where they live, work, shop and play.
  • I believe when police and communities trust one another they can work together for everyone’s well-being.
  • I believe our city is at our best when we value our collective diversity and one another’s individual differences.

Based on these vaIues, I will lead with vision and accountability. I will move Charlotte forward with an actionable agenda focused on the following priorities:

Quality of Life

Making Charlotte the country’s most livable city


Making Charlotte a city where everyone thrives 

Transportation and Infrastructure

Diverse options connecting all geographic areas of the city


Quality housing options for all


Creating a vibrant economy for all

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